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The company „Eurozox” was established in 2008. The main activities are the sale of all kinds of construction materials, as well as the construction and craft works. We started modestly with about ten articles in the sales range, while today we can boast with the offer of all necessary materials for construction, both residential and industrial facilities.

We are proud of the fact that in these eight years our company has positioned itself at the very top of the Montenegrin construction sector. We do business at Spuž bb, Municipality of Danilovgrad, with 35 permanent employees. We own, in our own possession, an open storage space of approximately 9000 m², two warehouses of 900 m², and a 250 m2 sales hall. Special quality of the offer to the customers, makes the possibility of dispatching goods with their own vehicles at the requested address.

We emphasize that as a distributor of renowned brands we have established cooperation with numerous traders, investors and contractors, and through our retail facility in Spuž and with a large number of end users.

Social responsibility is an integral part of our business and is reflected in the commitment and improvement of the social community and its sustainable development. We are very precise in fulfilling our obligations, both to suppliers and the state - „Eurozox” has been in place for four years on the white list of Tax Administration of Montenegro! Commitment to social responsibility is based on an ethical approach, on good business practice, as one of the cornerstones of our activities. We respect human and labor rights in accordance with the law, moral principles and principles of good business practice. „Eurozox” has always donated its modest contribution to various programs, which aims to improve the quality of life of young people and people who need our help! We hope that together with Waterpolo and Swimming Association of Montenegro, soccer clubs Zora, Kom and Dečić, the national kitchen of the Mitropolija, and various local associations and individuals, we succeeded in our common human goal! Football Club „Eurozox” is the winner of the Cup of Montenegro in the season 2014/2015 and twice was the vice-champion of the league!

Mission of „Eurozox” is simple and it is - continuous improvement of the quality of satisfaction of the needs of customers, with the daily improvement of the segments of the distribution of goods and the daily improvement of the quality of the performance of works!

And finally - the most important person in our company is our customer!

The strategic commitment of the company is the procurement, offering and sale of only high quality products, which can be concluded by the sound names of the producers, ie, Brands offered:

We have been present on the market for some time as investors. At this moment we perform works on our facility in Herceg Novi (area 1600m²) and on the building in Podgorica (area 2550m²).


Following the needs of our partners and potentials on the market, „Eurozox” has also been qualified for the production of furniture made of sheet materials. The price, quality, delivery time and precision in our business enabled us to have an excellent position on the market and to obtain some of the most prestigious projects in Montenegro.


November 8, 2016.

About the company

Eurozox was established in 2008. We conduct our business at Spuz bb, Danilovgrad Municipality.

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Delivery of goods

Special quality of the offer to the customers is possibility of delivering goods with our vehicles at the requested address.

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