Design and construction works

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Being open to innovation, following trends, facing many challenges and changes in the environment, with constant progress - is our business strategy, which we have consistently adhered to for years and which is our guarantee of success. This strategy has made us decide to include construction and craft works as part of our offer to our partners. We are particularly pleased to point out that we have positioned ourselves as a significant subcontractor to a reputable investor from Podgorica, Zetagradnji. For Zetagradnja we perform facade works on all their facilities.

With the decision of the Council for Development of the Council of Europe and Montenegro, we have been selected as the contractor for the construction of 94 residential units in the Berane municipality, which will start shortly, and these are four buildings for refugees with a total area of 10,000m². We have been present on the market as investors for some time now. Our building in Herceg Novi (area of 1600sqm) has been completed, and at the moment we are carrying out works on our facility in Podgorica (area of 2550sqm).

The list of projects we have done is impressive, and below are some of them:

Our team

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Željko Šljivančanin

Our project list is impressive and those ar one of them:

Eurozox-Idea Donja Gorica

Idea Donja Gorica

Eurozox-Extra retail park

Extra retail park

Eurozox-Debeli brijeg border crossing

Debeli brijeg border crossing

Eurozox-Transmission lines

Transmission lines

Eurozox-Premonte - Tivat

Premonte - Tivat

Eurozox-FLU  Cetinje

FLU Cetinje

Eurozox-Restourant Biogradska gora

Restourant Biogradska gora

Eurozox-Gas Station Plav

Gas Station Plav

Eurozox-Gas Station Bijelo Polje

Gas Station Bijelo Polje

Eurozox-AKL Tivat

AKL Tivat

Eurozox-FK Kom

FK Kom

Eurozox-Zlatica Health Center

Zlatica Health Center

Eurozox-Wedding salon

Wedding salon "Salaš 23"

Eurozox-Vatrogasni dom

Vatrogasni dom



Eurozox-Barracks Marko Miljanov

Barracks Marko Miljanov

Eurozox-Kindergarten and nursery, Tuzi

Kindergarten and nursery, Tuzi

Eurozox-Market Gusinje

Market Gusinje

Eurozox-Business building Network

Business building Network

Eurozox-TS 110/20 kV Mateševo

TS 110/20 kV Mateševo

Eurozox-TS 35/10 kV Bistrica

TS 35/10 kV Bistrica

Eurozox-TS 35/10 kV Cmiljača

TS 35/10 kV Cmiljača

Eurozox-TS 20/04 kV highway Bar-Boljare

TS 20/04 kV highway Bar-Boljare

Eurozox-Finishing works of the cable route Montenegro-Ital

Finishing works of the cable route Montenegro-Ital