Building Bijela

  • Location: Bijela, Herceg Novi
  • No. of floors: 3
  • No. of apartments: 12
  • Garage: DA
  • Video surveillance: DA
  • Status: Under construction - until September 2022

Architect's word:

In Bijela, right next to the beach.


The building has floors Gf + 2 + At. It is located on UP 246 in Bijela. The area of the urban plot is 706.36 m2, the area of the ground floor is approximately 282.54 m2; building area of approx. 847.63 m2. The car access to the building is planned from the southeast side, where the garage located in the basement is accessed via the car ramp. 7 parking spaces are provided on the ground floor, 4 of them along the local road, and 3 on the ground floor in front of the garage. There are 6 parking spaces in the garage.