Revision and supervision

Draško Bašović,
+382 68 001 087
Popović Petar,
+382 68 019 011

Eurozox also offers services of revision of technical documentation and supervision over the construction of the facility. By obtaining a license issued by the competent ministry, the conditions were created to offer investors the services in question through our expert team composed of excellent engineers of architecture, construction, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. Hereby, Eurozox is positioned as a company in Montenegro that can offer investors a complete service "from idea to realization". We offer: development of technical documentation, revision of technical documentation, construction of the facility according to the "turnkey" system, professional supervision over the construction of the facility, all with the support of our sales center for construction materials and plant for the production of panel furniture, able to provide furnishung services.

Petar Popović

  • Spec. Sci. Arh.

Draško Bašović

  • Spec. Sci. Građ.

Nermin Zejnelagić

  • Dipl. Ing. El.

Zoran Drobnjak

  • Dipl. Ing. Maš.